How to Join and Volunteer with SCRG

Interested in Joining Summit County Rescue Group? 

Our next new member class will be in 2023

Thank you for your interest in the Summit County Rescue Group! We are an all-volunteer group, and we accept members from all races, national origins, religions, genders and backgrounds. No special skills are necessary to join, but we recommend that you have some outdoor recreational experience, and we caution you that a significant time commitment on your part will be required.

The most important attributes to SCRG are individuals who thrive on teamwork, are not seeking individual glory, and have a good attitude towards continually learning and improving on their existing skills.

Each year we are over-subscribed with an awesome selection of candidates and cannot take everyone forward. If you would like to be added to the list of prospective candidates for the next intake, please fill out this Google Form.  

The selection process for new members is as follows:

  1. Prospective candidates need to add themselves to the future contact list via the following Google Form
  2. All prospective candidates will be invited to attend an informal information night to help them decide if SCRG is a good fit for them
  3. Prospective candidates wishing to continue will be invited to fill out an application for the next available class
  4. If successful through the application process, the prospective candidate will be invited to interview
  5. The interview process will select the final candidates to be invited to new member class and a chance to become a probationary member with SCRG

The New Member Training Class itself will take about four months to complete: it includes 9 classes and one over-nighter, each focused on search and rescue theory or skills, personal safety and survival, and a final practical field scenario. There are additional skills check offs, team trainings, and events to complete new member training and become eligible for 'probationary status' to attend rescue missions.

Thanks again for your interest in joining the Summit County Rescue Group and we look forward to hanging out with you in the future.

Any questions outside of the process detailed above can be directed to


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