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The Summit County Rescue Group (SCRG) is staffed 100% by non-paid professionals who respond to backcountry emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  The team has been getting busier every year since our founding in 1972, and the pace of backcountry rescue in Colorado shows no sign of letting up.  

"Colorado’s population growth and increase in outdoor recreation is causing strains on our backcountry search and rescue teams…. There are 80,000 people moving to the state every year, and 90% of them say they spend time outside. This is a train wreck happening before our eyes...” - DAN GIBBS, Director of Colorado Department of Natural Resources

Friends of Summit County Rescue Group (FOSCRG) are donors who help ensure Summit County continues to have a highly trained and equipped search and rescue team. SCRG’s financial goal is to raise funds to pay the annual capital and operating expenses not covered by the small operating expense budget we are allocated from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.   

By making a donation and becoming a Friend of SCRG, you play an important role in keeping our community safe. Your support helps fund the equipment and training needs of a 65-member all-volunteer team that handles more than one hundred 911 calls per year -- an expensive proposition.

Representative cost of equipment needed to be replaced or maintained over time: 



Annual member training 

$15,000 - $20,000






 $ 2500

Vacuum splint

 $ 2000

Titanium litter

 $ 2,000

Hand-held radio 

 $ 2,000

VHF hand radio 

 $ 750

Dry suit for water rescue

 $ 700

Hypo bag to warm patient

 $ 500


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